Sunday, January 07, 2007

brunchgang i - 10th Street Cafe, 11 a.m., Sun, Jan. 1, 2007

10th Street Cafe, 1000 Snyder Ave., 215-463-2097
  • Corinne Driver
  • Betsy Herbert
  • Ed Hogarty
  • Brian Howard
  • Michael Pelusi
  • Nicole Scheller
  • Jon Solomon
What'd you get? What'd you think?


Jon said...

bagel with individually packaged cream cheese, finely chopped onion and two slices of tomato. separate plate of home fries. accidently too much hot sauce. blue glass of water. cup of coffee. one of nicole's pancakes, eaten with my hands.

bh said...

short stack of french toast with pre-packaged syrup


corinne's bacon (and her home fries, which the bacon she'd ordered for me had touched, with mild 10 Street Cafe-brand hot sauce)


all the aforementioned was good, though real actual syrup would have been better.

was impressed with the house hot sauce.

Corinne said...

10th St Cafe Piggie Plate (or something like that)

2 eggs (scrambled)
2 pancakes (I agree that maple syrup would have made all the difference
bacon (which I gave to Brian and was on top of my:)
homefries (which I traded Brian for homefries untouched by meat)
and tea.

I thought it was good diner-y food. I wish we had the option to push tables together and really celebrate brunchgang number 1.

Jon said...

brian's look when he requested tabasco for his home fries and was introduced by our waitress to the wall of 100+ hot sauces over his shoulder is worth mentioning.

my home fries weren't great, but the house hot sauce made them much better.

Mike said...

Two slices of French toast with powdered sugar, butter and syrup

Two sausage links

Three and a half cups of coffee

Half of one of Betsy's pancakes

A glass of water

Everything was pretty great. The coffee was probably the least impressive, but if I thought it was really bad I wouldn't have had three and a half cups. The French toast was especially good, with a perfectly fluffy consistency.

All in all, a most excellent launch for Brunchgang!

bh said...

i agree with corinne: big tables would've made brunch better. i barely got to talk to mike, ed and betsy, and by "barely got to" i mean "didn't"

jon, could you describe the look you speak of? i will admit to feeling little overwhelmed by the wall o' hot. i think that if you're going to carry 100+ hot sauces, one ought to provide one's customers a hot-sauce list. I'd have read that.

DJ Pancake said...

I had pancakes.They were lovely and fluffy with a side of sliced bananas of appropriate ripeness. I would also have appreciated real syrup, but for next time, I will fashion some sort of holster (and a flask?). I'll come packing. We're a gang afterall.

Jon Solomon said...

it was a look of "oh" with a touch of "wow."

our house hot sauce did not have one of those drip-control tops, which is why my home fries took a bath.

only sorry there were no photos taken.

mixing half of my coffee with half of my water was delicious. some call this "coffee water."

Ed said...

Two pieces of French toast

One-and-a-half orders of bacon (five slices of my own and two of Betsy's)

Many cups of coffee

The French toast was really good, but the highlight here was the bacon - totally crispy, almost burnt, which is exactly how I like it. I will be coming here again, and soon.

The waitress was nice and attentive, although I thought it was a bit overkill to drop off a large handful of creamers each time she refilled our coffee. We had a lot of refills. By the time we left, there were 37 unused creamers on our table. I hope she saved them for future customers.

brian g howard said...

Weird. And I had to ask for a refill on my coffee. And she was stingy with the creamers.

HBets17 said...

Corrine and i had the same thing, but we did not know because we were separated. I remember it all very fondly. It seemed like 5 pcs of crispy bacon, but then Ed said he ate two. That would mean that there were 7 pcs of crispy bacon on my Combo platter...and that's absurd.

The pancakes were sublime. If they just put the little plastic packets of syrup into a glass syrup container, I would never have known the dif.

I liked the coffee, but I am a coffee weakling. I still managed to match Mike by the cup but when Jon (or Eli Manning - only in helmet) wrote that he watered his coffee, I became jealous after the fact.

Now, to the home fries - weird. What was that flavor? Were they marinated in vinegar or did the dishwasher quit mid-shift? Either way, not my favorite.

BUT! All in all, I will be back every weekend.

Unless we brunch somewhere else. Suggestion: The Rittenhouse hotel has a $15 brunch buffet. buffet!!!

brian g howard said...

The Rittenhouse Hotel brunch buffet sounds dope. I'd, personally, like to hit Honey's next, tho. I'll have to figure out how to create a poll up in here.

HBets17 said...

I'm down with Honey's too. (I've never been.)

Jon Solomon said...

The various write-ups I've found on Honey's make me totally curious. - JS

Mike said...

Honey's is cool with me!

Beth Noel said...

i'm so sad i missed brunchgang :(

Anonymous said...