Monday, June 04, 2007

brunchgang vi: The Crepening — Beau Monde, Sat, 11 a.m., June 9

Beau Monde, 6th and Bainbridge Sts., 215-592-0656


Ed said...

So much time has passed... The memories have faded. However, I do recall that I had blueberry pancakes in crepe form, along with a side of roasted potatoes. It seemed like most of the brunch menu consisted of standard brunch items in crepe form.
Also, a theory was proposed: the breakfast burrito is bullshit. My head might agree, but my tastebuds cover their ears.

brian g howard said...

Oh my, what did i have? If I recall correctly I went for the savory/sweet one-two punch, starting out with a ham and swiss cheese crepe to start off and a baked-pear/vanilla creme crepe to finish.
The ham and cheese crepe was, of course, tasty, though not so much different from a ham and cheese Hot Pocket as you might think. The baked pear crepe was quite excellent (and gorgeous: i have a photo of it with the too-adorable cow-shaped cream pitcher i need to post soon).
I'll say that I think the brunch menu was a tad uninspired. Perhaps we should have made like M.J. and just gone with the main menu. What did you have, M.J.? If I recall correctly, you ordered Disney's Ratatouille.

julia factorial said...

Ahh yes. Let it be known throughout the interweb that the breakfast burrito is bullshit. Especially a breakfast "burrito" at a french eatery. That's not fusion, it's confusion.

Scooter said...

I had a crepe which contained the following: sausage, swiss cheese, mushrooms, and two eggs, sunny-side up. To drink, I had a cup of Earl Grey tea with lemon and a glass of water. I don't drink coffee, which makes me a bit of a brunchgang oddity.

My crepe was the only one that came with the folds and seams on top instead of on the bottom, facing the plate. My guess is that this arrangement allowed for the placement and subsequent entrapment of the separately-cooked sunny-side eggs, which were not included in any of the other crepes. Alternate theory: a crepe with its folds and seams facing up is a sign of disrespect in France, and I did something to offend one or more Beau Monde staffers that day.

A tasty brunch, for sure. The components enwrapped by my crepe worked well together. The highlights were definitely the bites that included the slightly viscous spillage from recently broken yolks. Mmm.