Monday, February 05, 2007

brunchgang ii - Honey's Sit 'n' Eat, 11 a.m., Sun., Feb. 12

Honey's Sit 'n' Eat, 800 N. Fourth St., 215-925-1150


Bring it.

  • M.J. Fine
  • Betsy Herbert
  • Ed Hogarty
  • Brian Howard
  • Gabrielle Mosquera
  • Michael Pelusi
  • Nicole Scheller
  • Upma Singh
  • Jon Solomon


Jon Solomon said...

All hail table two: Solomon. Scheller. Hogarty. Betsy.

I had...

-two cups of coffee.

-a tofu scramble with hand-cut fries.

(added some Frank's hot sauce on the scramble and ketchup next to the fries.)

-a side order potato latke.

-a small ramekin of sour cream for latke dippin'.


-some of Nicole's cornbread.


-part of a biscuit with home-made blueberry jam.

While we had to wait a good while to be seated, everything was lovely.

The scramble featured onion, pepper and a third vegetable I can't remember.

The fried, triangular potato pancake wasn't what I was expecting when I ordered it.

Our waitress gave us the cornbread and biscuit for free. She knows not to mess with Brunchgang.

I wore...

Black shoes, black socks, black jeans, a black t-shirt, my new black hoodie and a black coat. This was complimented by a black knit cap with white and grey trim. It is good we're not Dinnergang as I might have been hit by a car on the way to Honey's.


Ps. Post-Brunchgang we visted such places as Showcase Comics and Mew Gallery.

brian g howard said...

Table One: Howard, Pelusi, Singh, Fine, Mosquera

I had:
-three cups of coffee
-three scrambled eggs with corned beef (with a squeeze or two of that hot sauce with the funny name), which came with a biscuit
-a potato latke

I enjoyed the eggs w/corned beef, but i'm thinking now i would have preferred the eggs w/pastrami.

The latke was not pancake-like much at all. Granted, I don't know, now that i think about it, if i've ever actually had an actual latke. But when i think "pancake," i don't think of the triangularly shaped thing of hash-brown consistency that arrived on my plate. that said, it was quite tasty.

i wore blue jeans, blue socks, brown suede converse, a maroon T-shirt, a blue hoodie.

ps: post-brunchgang, Jon, Nicole and I also went to Falling Cow Gallery and Anthony's coffee shop in the Italian Market.

Jon Solomon said...


I make some mean (and far more pancake-like) latkes.

Perhaps I could cook them for a future Brunchgang.

Or Hannukah.


brian g howard said...

yes. perhaps for the sure-to-be-amazing brunchgang potluck.

or Hannukah.

whichever comes first.

phillyfoodeater said...

I had two eggs (sunnyside up) and white toast. I was not expecting a latke with my meal, it was a nice surprise. Everything I had was done well, the only thing I wish is that the latke would've come with a dollop of sour cream on top. They did put a couple slices of fresh strawberry on top though, that was a nice touch.

I look forward to some of Solomon's pancake-like latke's, assuming I'm invited.

I wore dirty, smelly clothes.
I went to Target afterwards.

Mike said...

Western Omelet



Three cups of coffee (one of which from the neighboring Latte Lounge. I couldn't help but think I was committing a serious brunch faux pas by bringing it in to Honey's)

Everything was quite good, though I do agree that something was missing from the latke, some kind of condiment. The cornbread, however, was especially delicious.

I wore an Oxford shirt, a sweater that once belonged to Brian Howard, jeans, socks and sneakers.

Afterwards, Brian drove me home. Thanks, B.

Jon Solomon said...

I would have been quite upset had they not brought me the ramekin of sour cream I requested.

Honey's potato triangles reminded me of the latkes at Miel's in Stockton, NJ. I expected a pancake and got something closer to a crispy bird's nest.

All will be welcome for my flat, circular latkes.


Mike said...

I forgot to add that my Western Omelet was flavorful but a little dry, and a few dabs of hot sauce proved to be just what was needed to rectify the situation.

HBets17 said...

I had a problem making up my mind, so I had coffee AND tea AND OJ; a bisquit AND corn bread. Things were good. Real good. Pastrami and scrambled eggs, ruled the roost.

Then a piece of cornbread got lodged in my esophogus for about 10 minutes. That was the part of brunch where I was really quiet. None of the many drinks I had to choose from could melt the super dry cornbread.

At one point we thought the hostess forgot (Table 2) in the wait line. Table 1 was already seated and other 4-tops were getting seated ahead of us. But, turned out she had a plan and put us right next to Table 1. Honey's Sit N Eat (next to the rest of your brunch gang).

I thought that the handshake meant table of pancakes and tears. Seemed like a bit of a downer, so I'm glad it was translated here.

Herbert (Betsy)

DJ Pancake said...

Apologies for the delay in posting. As a respected member of my community, I had to keep my brunchthuggery on the DL. This was confirmed when I mentioned to a class that I had eaten "brunch" this weekend, and two my students laughed and repeated "brunch" several times mockingly.

Regardless, I am who I am, so I say loud and clear that I love brunch and I love brunchgang! Though I was disturbed to hear that Betsy had a piece of cornbread stuck in her throat for 10 minutes, as I am certain that this was the period of time I was peppering her with questions about her personal and professional life. Betsy, I apologize for my insensitivity.

Back to the basics. I had enfrijoladas. Flour tortillas with eggs, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, mixed greens, and... as previous mentioned a free biscuit and cornbread! Free! I was certain that I wanted the cornbread, but then the blueberry jam appeared, so I became horribly conflicted just as the waitress appeared. Fortunately, she took pity on me. I also had tea and coffee on account of indecision. I will work on this in the future.

All in all, I herald another brunch gang success! Betsy and Ed were delightful brunch companions, and the close proximity of the table one pioneers was extremely reassuring.

Please continue to keep my identity a secret, but know that I will fight for the rights of brunch wherever they are in peril.

DJ Pancake.

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