Monday, July 23, 2007

brünchgäng vii: give us the cure — Farmicia, 15 s. third st., July 21

brünchgäng went down at Farmicia at 11 a.m. on Saturday.
Here's what it looked like.


Jon Solomon said...

1. "We don't play brunch, we slay brunch."

2. I could eat at Farmicia for every brunchgang from this point forward and be quite happy.

3. Who knew french toast ran a specific operating system?

4. My tofu/swiss chard/italian soy sausage/roasted potato scramble was real nice, but Julia's danish was the best thing I tasted all weekend.

5. Our waitress was fairly confused all morning.

julia factorial said...

i had a nice time as well, though i feel the menu leaves a little to be desired. i settled on the "brunchfast sandwich" out of exasperation. also - adding goat cheese to anything doesn't always make it a classier or better dish.
though i will say that the french toast was killer. credit for the aforementioned danish should go to metropolitan bakery. good job, brunchgang.

DJ Pancake said...

Breakfast sandwich with substitutions, substitutions, substitutions. Word. Still wondering if there was cheese in it, but that's what I get I suppose. Although I really only made two substitutions - bagel instead of sourdough bread and tomato in place of bacon. Honestly, top notch stuff. French toast fit for kings, and the danish... already the stuff of legend thanks to the wise and benevolent Julia.

I for one was glad to be back in the brunch saddle with the gang. We left our mark for sure.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.

DJ Pancake.

brian g howard said...

Sorry for the delay on this, but vacation beckoned.

I will agree with ms. factorial in that the addition of goat cheese doesn't automatically classy up a dish, but the goat cheese in the omelette i had at brunchgang served to knock this dish out of the park.

I was pleased with my ability to substitute a bagel for toast, as the bagels from Metropolitan Bakery -- which Farmicia proudly serves -- are among my favorite. they're a little "breadier" than a typical bagel, which i very much appreciate.

I agree with both pancake and factorial about the French toast we split. Also, the option to order pancakes and French toast by the 'cake or slice is something of a revelation.

and it should go without saying at this point that the danish was divine.

I would have no problem repeating farmicia in the near future (in a sanctioned or un-sanctioned brunchgang event).

our waitress was confused all morning, but not charmless.